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வாழ்க வையகம்
வாழ்க வளமுடன்

'Yoga' is leading one's life in tune with Nature, respecting the Law of Nature, without disturbing the rhythm of Nature. " - by Thathuvagnani Vethathiri Maharishi

Arunkumar K K: i am working in bangalore. i want address / branch details near kammanahalli
227 days ago
Rajarajan: @Karthic Think you are doing some activity like going and coming to college etc.. i.e doing some physical movement.. so no problem.. dont worry.. do regular meditation and whennever you have time..
N Karthic: Friends I'm a PG student and I've no time to prctice SKY daily so I'm doing it once a week but doing tavams daily. This is correct or not please anyone respond
270 days ago
prasad: please form a gmail group to update files and conversations world wide
399 days ago
selva raghavan: i finished the course of basic and called us thavaselvan of summer days
414 days ago
Thanumalayan: Thanumalayan: Dear brethren, Vazhga Vaiyakam - Vazhga Vazhamudan. I have been practicing SKY for the last 18 years enjoying the fruits of divinity in all my endeavors. Lets us join hands to propagate peace, prosperity and happiness.
426 days ago
sathish: Hi all, Can anyone help me to get the Dubai contact person detail for yoga training. Thanks in advance, Sathish
471 days ago
Anantharaman: IF any body have the basic yoga book in PDF...if forward to
477 days ago
sona: i want the branch address / Ph Number at thirumangalam, mugappair at chennai,
480 days ago