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At the dining table, we are for the most part under the influence of the taste-sense. It is an emotional condition actually, where our judgement could be impaired. Only in order to generate the appropriate corrective, awareness, some special exercise called 'Kaya Kalpa' is prescribed before taking food or drink. What should be remembered is that nourishment is not in direct proportion to the quantity of food-intake. The food-items should be such as are suited to our digestive system and we should have felt appetite well in advance.

      Actually when  your stomach remains hungry for a while, the cells of the body naturally get oriented to draw sustenance from the atmosphere,(space) and from inner- earth radiations. Then you go to your lunch or dinner and there is balance in intake. If you follow this advice you will  find that your intellectual faculties are rendered more brisk and sharp as a result."
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Vethathiriyam for Individual Peace, Family Peace and World Peace

Our Objective

“To Develop and Empower the downtrodden and tribal masses of The Nilgiris through Yoga Education and enable them to ascertain their Social, Community and Cultural Identities to build a sustainable future for themselves”
UMKM Trust’s Arivu Thirukovil ( Temple of Consciousness – Ooty ) was built in June 2004 and has served as the home to thousands in Yoga Education, Personality Development and Value Education, Yoga Therapy, Health Camps and Meditation throughout the district.

Though formally registered in the year 1999, the UMKM Trust had a very humble beginning 40 years ago in Professor Sathyamurthy’s Laboratory. Those days he used to conduct classes on SKY and Kaya Kalpa for free to the poor and the tribals. Also he mustered volunteers to travel across the rough terrain of the Niligiris to spread awareness on education, health and family welfare.


The Nilgiris ( Blue Mountains ) – The name symbolises lush green landscapes and beautiful mountains for its eternal beauty. It has been a travellers’’ paradise for ever till date. Every Year thousands of tourists visit Ooty, Conoor, Masinagudi to enjoy the various attractions on offer.

However the lives of the tribals and the deprived is still socio-economically backward. The people here still live in isolation and are not even met with basic needs like Food, Shelter and Education. Inhabitated by communities such as The Badagas, The Thodas, The Kotas, The Kurumbas, The Irulas, The Panias and The Kattunaikens. The Latter five in fact have been further identified as the Primitive Tribal Groups by the Government of India. The Badagas have been declared as the most hospitable community by the UNESCO – thanksgiving article in The Hindu dt July 6, 2009 .

The Majority of these tribes are economically deprived, socially marginalised and lack basic facilities and resources. Their access to health and education is very limited. Deficiency of essential components has led to malnutrition, protein calorie malnutrition and micronutrient deficiencies ( Vitamin A, iron and iodine ) among them. They are also prone to chronic diseases such as Sickle Cell Anaemia which is commonplace in hilly areas.



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UMKM Trust has been regularly involved in conducting programs in Yoga and Meditation to The Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation Staff, The Municipality Sanitary Workers Association and Nilgiris Elementary and BT district Teachers.

The Trust organises Yoga discourses for the Police Personnel throughout the district. Special Courses are also being given to the Palvadi and Anganvadi( Female workers trained in health, nutrition and child care ) association.

UMKM Trust was an active member involved in the Flood Relief Program in Nov 2009 when the entire Nilgiris was cut off from the outside world for more than 15 days. It had provided Food and Warm Clothes to all the Flood affected areas from the contributions of its Trustees and Volunteers


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A magazine in Tamil named as ‘Vethathirium Kovai SKY Seithi Madal’ has been proposed to be published in the meeting convened by Joint Secretary, World Community Service Centre with all the Trusts of Coimbatore and Nilgiris districts with the objectives to collect and publish the activities in various Trusts and their Thavamaiyams in Coimbatore and Nilgiris districts and the Teachings and Philosophy of Vethathiri Maharishi.
It has also been suggested to collect articles and research papers related to Vethathirium among the Perasiriars, Arulnidhis and members of SKY family.
The first issue of Vethathirium Kovai SKY Seithi Madal was released on June 2000 with the blessings of Arulnirai Vethathiri Maharishi and SKM.Mayilanandan, President, World Community Service Centre. The writings of Vethathiri Maharishi , articles and research papers related to Maharishi’s philosophy and to the wellfare of mankind, from Manavalakalai Perasiriars, Assistant Perasiviars, Arulnidhis, members and also from Educationalists and Doctors are being published in the magazine.
Now 3000 copies are being published and circulated all over Tamil Nadu and neighbouring states. With the blessings of Vethathiri Maharishi, the news and writings in Vethathiirum Kovai SKY Seithi Madal have been placed in website so that the Tamil people and others all over the world who are interested to know about Vethathirum can have an access with Vethathiri Maharishi’s philosophy in their respective residences itself. The innovative idea of communication through Website, given by Mr.R.Somasundaram, Territory Manager, Bharath Petroleum Corporation, LPG Division Limited, is duly acknowledged. The immense help timely rendered by Mr.Chellappa, the Post Master, Lawley Road Post office, coimbatore -3 during the beginning of magazine is to be remembered. The dedicatness of Mr.S.Rajasekaran, the Printer, Sree Devi Lithographics, R.S. Puram, Coimbatore in the successful publication of the magazines is to be mentioned. The Trustees and members of P.N. Pudur SKY Spiritual Trust, rendering their active service in the successful publication of the magazine is acknowledged.
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Thus, these Integrated Yoga practices will enable the practitioner to develop concentration and maintain good health, happiness, peace and also to preserve the intensity of life energy (Bio-current) to lead a perfect life and do the activities which are usefull to self and the Society.

Trusts Affiliated With WCSC

Simplified Kundalini Yoga Trusts (Spiritual Education Centres) Affiliated to the WCSC are conducting courses on Yoga for Human Excellence referred to above according to the procedure laid down by WCSC Management.

The classes are conducted by the Masters and Professors of Yoga trained and nominated by WCSC.

Every Trust is functioning with Trustees who are providing necessary funds for the Infrastructure and other facilities for functioning of the Trusts. Each Trust utilizes the services of one Master-in-Charge and required number of Assistant Masters-in-Charge who are trained by WCSC (Directorate of SMART)

A Program Officer is looking after day to day functioning of the Trust.

A Trust can have required number of SKY Meditation Centers according to the need of the area and also the availability of minimum number of male and female Masters of SKY. All the YHE courses are conducted in Meditation Centers also with the guidance of the concerned Trust.

Upgrading a Meditation Centre as Trust

Any Meditation Centre with minimum number of Trustees, a building with required facilities and minimum number of male and female Masters can become an independent Trust on recommendation by the concerned Trust and Zonal Committee. (in Tamil Nadu)

Zonal Committee

In Tamil Nadu, Zonal Committees have been formed, each Zone consisting of 3 or 4 Districts in order to co-ordinate the activities of the Trust and to help WCSC Head Office in Development activities. Each Zone is functioning on behalf of WCSC Head Office, in the respective area.

Zonal Committee Members

The Zonal Committee Members are nominated by the President, WCSC. Some important Functions of Zonal Committee:

  • 1. To convene meeting of Trustees of Trusts in the Zone, review the performance of each Trust and provide guidelines to improve the Activities of Trusts.
  • 2. To motivate Trusts to open more number of SKY Meditation Centres to teach these Yoga practices to students and public in the respective area.
  • 3. To motivate Meditation Centres with necessary infrastructure, sources of funds and Masters to upgrade them as Trusts.
  • 4. To provide necessary facilities for conducting special meetings convened by Director VISION for Wisdom and Director, SMART.
  • 5. To maintain data base in respect of all the Trusts in the Zone, collect and send the data required by WCSC Head Office and to send quarterly consolidated reports on performance of Trusts and Accounts in respect of the Zone to WCSC Head Office Chennai at the end of each Quarter.


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Manavalakkalai Yoga for Human excellence Integrated Yoga Practices for Holistice Health (Physical, Spiritual and Social Health)


The World Community Service Centre founded by Yogiraj Vethathiri Maharishi has been teaching Integrated Yoga practices consisting of.

  • Simplified Physical Exercise for maintaining good health by curing diseases and improving the immunity power against diseases.
  • Simplified Meditation and Introspection Methods to keep the mind in peaceful state and to lead a virtuous way of life.
  • Simplified Kayakalpa Exercise to conserve life energy to maintain youthfulness and ensure longevity of life.

Contents Of The Course:

Simplified Physical Exercise:

A set of exercises has been designed as synthesis of different yogasana practices. This can be practiced by any person above the age of eight. The contents of simplified exercises are as follows:

  • Hand exercises
  • Leg exercises
  • Neuro-muscular breathing exercises
  • Eye exercises
  • Kapalapathy
  • Makarasana Part 1 & 2
  • Massage
  • Acu-pressure
  • Relaxation

These Physical exercises ensure proper circulation of blood, heat and air in the body.

The Foot Reflexology in the leg exercise activates the nerves and correct Electrical imbalances. Breathing exercise ensures increase in the intake of oxygen which will help to purify the blood.

Eventhough most of these exercises are helpful to cure some diseases like arthritis, sinasitis, spondilatis etc., they are mainly useful for prevention of occurrence of diseases.

Simplified Kundalini Yoga

Astanga Yoga (Yoga in eight steps) evolved by Pathanjali Saint has been simplified to suit the needs of modern way of life. The principles and practices adopted in this simplified meditation are based on scientific principles.

It is a fact that human being is always in emotional mood due to hereditary imprints and environmental factors. By doing this meditation, the frequency of mind is reduced from Beta (14-40 cycles per second – emotional mood) to Alfa (8-13 cps – awareness stage). The practitioner is able to keep the mind at pituitary gland (Master gland for five senses) and do his/her activities (Thought, word and deed) with awareness of the consequences. This will enable any practitioner to keep the mind in a peaceful state and to develop willpower, avoid pains / diseases and also to solve problems.

III.Introspection Or Self Analysis

This is another important practice in this system of yoga. With the willpower derived by meditation, the practitioner will be able to develop positive thinking, can be free from desires which can not be fulfilled, can neutralize anger and eradicate worries.

By doing this practice, one is able to understand the “Causes and Effect System” of Nature. He will adopt moderation in food, physical activities, sleep, sex, and thought force so that he/she will neither ignore nor over indulge in these five aspects. This will enable the individual to lead a virtuous way of life with three phases namely morality (not to cause harm physically or mentally), duty (due to society) and charity (helping others by physical labour, material and knowledge)

kayakalpa yoga practices

Science of Kayakalpa delineates the manner in which the human body can be immortalized. Kaya Kalpa Yoga has a three-fold objective:

  • Withstanding the ageing process:
  • Maintaining health and youthfulness and
  • Postponing one’s death to suit one’s wishes.Tli

Kayakalpa comprises two important exercises:

  • Recycling of vital energy and
  • Toning of nervous system.

If these two exercises are learnt and practiced regularly immunity of individual will be raised to a remarkable instant.

The practice enables and equips one to maintain physical and mental health, further spiritual development and rejuvenate the physical body to withstand the ageing process. The practice will benefit everyone, regardless of sex, race, religion, caste, to enjoy a happy and energetic life.


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He shall preside over all the meetings of the Board of Management, Executive Committee and of the General Body and of all the Sub-Committees. His ruling shall be final in all procedural matters. The President shall have power of General supervision over all the activities of WCSC.

One of the Vice-Presidents shall act as President in the absence of the President.

General Secretary:

The General Secretary to the Board of Management will be in charge of the office of WCSC and amongst others do the following acts and things;

  • To look after and conduct all correspondence relating to or in any way concerning the WCSC other than those which may be allocated to any member or members in charge of any department of WCSC.
  • To operate under the joint signature of President or such other member of the Board of Management approved or authorized in this behalf by the Board of Management on any account in one or more bank or banks as approved by the Board of Management in conjunction with Treasurer of WCSC.
  • He shall be responsible for carrying on day to day administration and collection of subscription and all other dues of WCSC.
Joint Secretaries:

They shall assist the General Secretary in all his works and one of them shall act as General Secretary in his absence.

  • He shall present up-to-date accounts in every meeting of the Board of Management showing receipts and expenditure up to the date of the meeting.
  • He shall at the time of the Annual General Body Meeting present full and detailed accounts duly audited by the Auditor of WCSC.

The President has formed the following Directorates and has appointed suitable Senior Professors / Professors of SKY to serve in these Committees to streamline WCSC Administration and to implement the projects most effectively.

  • Directorate of VISION for Wisdom – to organize different courses of SKY system of Yoga by the Universities.
  • Directorate of SMART (Selection of Masters and Training) - to select different levels of Masters and impart training to them in the SKY system.
  • Directorate of Brain Trust - to undertake the works relating to Research and Developments, Web Site, Information Technology, etc., in the SKY system of Yoga practices
  • Directorate of Publications – to attend the works relating to Publications of Books written by Maharishi through Vethathiri Publications and Publication of ‘Anboli’ monthly Magazine of WCSC, preparation of CD, DVD Brouchers etc., to propagate the system of Yoga practices and Maharishi’s Philosophy.


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The WCSC has been registered under Societies Registration Act of Tamil Nadu, India. Hence this organisation is functioning in accordance with the procedure laid down by this Act. The following Administration Bodies have been formed as provided by this Act.

General Body

The General Body shall be constituted as follows:

  • One member (Managing Trustee / Secretary /Treasurer / or any Trustee) of the affiliated Trust. ii) Such other members admitted by President / Board of Management. Number of General Body Members for the year 2007 – 2008 is 363. Functions Of The General Body
  • Subject to the express provisions contained in the Articles of Association of WCSC, the General Body Members shall be the authority of this organization and shall have the powers for amendment and / or additions to the Memorandum or Articles of this organization on the recommendations of President / Board of Management.
  • The General Body shall elect the Executive Committee Members for a term of three years.
  • The General Body meeting is held once in a year.
Executive Committee

In the General Body Meeting, once in three years, members not exceeding 200 are elected as Executive Committee Members. Among these Executive Committee members, not exceeding 100 members are elected to the Board of Management. Among the members of Board of Management, following office bearers have been elected for the year 2007-2008 President-1, Vice President-5, General Secretary-1, Joint Secretary-3 and Treasurer-1. Number of Executive Committee Members for the year 2007 – 2008 is 128.

  • The Meeting of Executive Committee is held twice in a year.
Functions Of Board Of Management
  • Board of Management represents WCSC.
  • Board of Management frames Bye-Laws in respect of any subject for carrying out the aims and objects of the WCSC and about which the articles are silent and have not made any express provisions and the Board of Management shall have the power to move, add, alter, modify or delete the aims and objects of WCSC with the consent of the President and Executive Committee.
  • Shall determine and provide ways and means for the maintenance of all offices and other employees of WCSC.
  • Shall have the powers to receive the contribution in cash or in kind either for the above said general purpose or for any specific objects and shall deal with the same;
  • Shall form sub-committees for the various activities of the Centre, wherever and whenever necessary, and also delegate any of the powers hereby conferred on the Board of Management to be exercised by any person, Committee nominated by it and by such delegation of powers the Board of Management are in no way diverted of their powers in this behalf. Further the Board of Management has powers to vary and / or revoke the powers so delegated; the said Committee should function under the head of the President. Number of Member in Board of Management for the year 2007 – 2008 is 57.
  • The Meeting of Board of Management is held once in three months.


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President, A/N.SKM.Maeilanandhan

SKM. Maeilanandhan is a highly focused person.
SKM. Maeilanandhan in the year 1982 became a follower of Shri. Vethathiri Maharishi, founder of The World Community Service Centre (WCSC) a non-profit organization; to spread Manavalakalai Yoga with its aim as individual peace, spreading to peace in the family, nation and ultimately the Whole World. Swamiji himself designated him as the President of The World Community Service Centre. From the year 1997 SKM Maeilanandhan serves as its President with total dedication. A Temple of Consciousness was built in Aliyar and he serves as its Joint Managing Trustee.

Apart from this, for three decades he is serving the society in diverse fields with sincerity and as a role model. He serves as the President of

  • Consumer protection Council, Erode
  • National Welfare Awareness Movement, Erode
  • Tamil Illakiya Peravai, Erode
  • SKM. Health and Mind Welfare Charity Trust
  • The Periyar Nagar Park Maintenance Trust
  • SKM Center for Ayush System Research and Education (SKM CARE).

He is the Editor & Publisher of a. ANBOLI – A bilingual monthly Spiritual Magazine (Tamil & English- 19 Yrs.) b. ERODE MANAVALAKALAIGNAN - A Spiritual Magazine (25 Years) c. NUGHARVORE KHAAVALUN - On Consumer Awareness (20 Years).

He has been instrumental and supportive in taking the Government Welfare schemes to the public through many projects. Particularly, on his sixtieth year he handed over his personal business to both his sons and totally dedicated himself full time to spread Knowledge based holistic education (Manavalakkalai Yoga) among the public and students.

Because of his great zeal towards Yogiraj Vethathiri Maharishi’s vision to bring in transformation of the society through education to establish in the mind of future generation the ethics and values of life, SKM.Maeilandhan had taken relentless efforts to introduce Maharishi’s philosophy in various universities.

Towards this MOU were signed with Bharathiyar University, Avinashilingham University, Bharathidhasan University, Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tamil Nadu Physical Education and Sports University, Tamil University, University of Madras and Periyar University and courses are being offered by them. He is also taking tremendous efforts towards spreading Maharishi’s message not only in India but also World over.


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